Hey mamas! Welcome to MATCHING MY LITTLES

A Mommy + Me business.

I'm Lynette! Popcorn fanatic and mommy + me obsessed mama. I run a household of tiny dictators I created myself who in turn run my life! They definitely give me a run for my money! But I wouldn't have it any other way because I sure love my littles.

Matching My Littles started out as an Instagram page where I posted pictures of me matching with my kids. I loved being able to support small businesses that catered to mamas and I loved all of the opportunities to help small shops grow! I cherish those friendships I was able to make through those opportunities. I was having so much fun with all of the mommy and me outfits, and I just loved the creativity it brought out in myself. I'd always dreamed of owning my own small business, and as my Instagram grew, I thought that this was my chance! My shot to do exactly what I'd hoped for - to start my own shop!

This has not been easy in the least! My kiddos demand a lot of my time and attention, with them being so young, so most of my work happens in late night hours or nap time if they happen to coincide with each other. But I'm having so much fun with this dream of mine that it's all worth it!

Our goal here at Matching My Littles is to make matching your kids simple and memorable. I loved buying mommy and me outfits but they were always so, so expensive, and it was also super hard to find stuff to match with my son! What sets us apart is that we make matching affordable, fun, and easy for all moms - boy mamas, girl mamas, and mamas of both! I hope that through my small shop we can help you find that simple happiness that comes from matching your own littles! 

I just want to take the time here to thank all of those who have supported me through this journey. I really couldn't do any of this without all of you! Thank you for supporting small business and shopping small! It means the world to us.